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Date                          Worship Leader                                 Message Title

03/03/19                     Pastor Donna Dempewolf          Mountains, Valleys and                                                                                                  Plains
02/24/19                     Service cancelled due to poor weather conditions
02/17/19                     Pastor Deanna Woodward         Put Jesus on the Guest                                                                                                    List
02/10/19                     Pastor Bill Rowen                         Life in the Kingdom
02/03/19                     Pastor Donna Dempewolf          Gratitude
01/27/19                     Pastor Deanna Woodward         The Majesty of God
01/20/19                     Pastor Donna Dempewolf           Be Transformed
01/13/19                     Pastor Donna Dempewolf           Remember Who You Are
01/06/19                     Pastor Donna Dempewolf           Detours

12/30/18                     Pastor Donna Dempewolf           Where is Jesus?
12/23/18                     Pastor Deanna Woodward         Christmas Through the
Eyes of Joseph
12/16/18                     Children’s Christmas Program   No message….
12/09/18                     Pastor Donna Dempewolf           The Magnificat:
How can I keep from singing?
Sorry….Technical Issues prevented the Recording of Sermons for a short time!
10/14/18                     Pastor Donna Dempewolf             The Power of Words
10/07/18                     Pastor Donna Dempewolf             Life of the Beloved

09/30/18                     Pastor Donna Dempewolf             Digging Deeper
09/23/18                     Pastor Deanna Woodward            See Yourself in the
Bible: Joseph

09/16/18                     Rev. Linda Koelman                      Both/And Not Either/Or
09/09/18                     Pastor Donna Dempewolf             The Family Bible: Ruth
09/02/18                     Pastor Donna Dempewolf             Strengthened and Equipped (not available)

08/26/18                     Pastor William Rowen                   Faith in the Midst of Anxiety
08/19/18                     Pastor Donna Dempewolf             Walls and Bridges
08/12/18                     Pastor Donna Dempewolf             Game On – Jesus Cares About Me
08/05/18                     Pastor Donna Dempewolf             Take This Bread

07/29/18                     Pastor Donna Dempewolf            Rivers, Trails and Streams
07/22/18                     Pastor Deanna Woodward           A Psalm of Unity
07/15/18                     Pastor Donna Dempewolf            God’s Re-Creation Plan: Recalibrate Our Time
07/08/18                     Pastor Donna Dempewolf            God’s Re-Creation Plan: Spirituality and Play
07/01/18                     Pastor Donna Dempewolf            Names  – Sorry, not available

06/24/18                     Barb Paul (Lay Servant)              Lifeline to Tough Times
06/17/18                      Pastor David Lieder                    Living in a Habitat of Love
06/10/18                      Phil Hebrink                                Monuments and Memorials
06/03/18                      Pastor David Lieder                    Skunk Works People

05/27/18                      Pastor Deanna Woodward         I Am a Good Shepherd
05/20/18                      Pastor David Lieder                    Sermon in Song (Not available)
05/13/18                      Pastor David Lieder                    The Family as a Threat
05/06/18                      Pastor David Lieder                    A Faith That Fits

04/29/18                      Pastor David Lieder                    The Child
04/22/18                      Pastor Deanna Woodward         Tomb for Sale
04/15/18                      Pastor David Lieder                    Don’t Give Up
04/08/18                      Pastor David Lieder                    The Great Disturber   (Not Available)
04/01/18                      Pastor David Lieder                    Of Hawks and Hope

03/25/18                      Pastor David Lieder                    Wheels within Wheels
03/18/18                      Pastor Deanna Woodward         I am the Way, the Truth and the Life
03/11/18                      Pastor David Lieder                    Love’s Story 
03/04/18                      Pastor David Lieder                    Long Live the Weeds 

02/25/18                      Pastor Deanna Woodward         I Am the Door
02/18/18                      Barb Paul (LaySpeaker)             In God We Still Trust  (not available)
02/11/18                      Pastor David Lieder                    Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy
02/04/18                      Pastor David Lieder                    Drive-By Communion

01/28/18                      Pastor Deanna Woodward          A Day at the Beach
01/21/18                      Pastor David Lieder                    On Being a Buffalo Bill
01/14/18                      Pastor David Lieder                    When Life Matters
01/07/18                      Pastor David Lieder                    Traveling a Strange Land

12/31/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    The Eyes Have It
12/24/17 (4:00)            Pastor David Lieder                    The Baby in the Courtyard
12/24/17                      Pastor Deanna Woodward          Great Joy
12/17/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    Children’s Program
12/10/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    Strange Comfort
12/03/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    Sermon in Carols

11/26/17                      Pastor Deanna Woodward
11/19/17                      Pastor David Lieder
11/12/17                      Pastor David Lieder
11/05/17                      Pastor David Lieder                     A Matter of Perspective

10/29/17                      Pastor David Lieder                     Could it Be…Satan?!
10/22/17                      Pastor Deanna Woodward          Honest to God
10/15/17                      Barb Paul (Lay Speaker)             We are Called
10/08/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    The Collateral Side of Grace
10/01/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    Meditation  

09/27/17                      Pastor Deanna Woodward         For the Messed-Up Family
09/17/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    Worry-Warts
09/10/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    Rhythm
09/03/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    Kingdom Eyes

08/27/17                      Pastor Deanna Woodward         The Days of Our Lives
08/20/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    Things that Defile
08/13/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    Of Grace and Need
08/06/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    Feeding the 5000

07/30/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    About That Kingdom
07/23/17                      Barb Paul (lay speaker)              Rest for the Stressed
07/16/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    Sowing
07/09/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    Excess Baggage
07/02/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    Communion Meditation

06/25/17                      Pastor Deanna Woodward         It’s Love, Love, Love
06/18/17                      Pastor Martha Hendrichs           Called
06/11/17                      Pastor David Lieder                   Starting at the Beginning
06/04/17                      Pastor David Lieder                   Sermon in Song (Not available)

05/28/17                      Pastor Deanna Woodward         A Day for Looking Up
05/21/17                      Paula Ruesink (lay leader)         Message
05/14/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    A Special Kind of Mother
05/07/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    Like It or Not, Love Anyway

04/23/17                      Pastor Deanna Woodward         Having the Faith to Wait
04/16/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    Sensory Transducers and the Easter Interface
04/09/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    Everyone Loves a Parade
04/02/17                      Pastor David Lieder                    Communion (Not Available)

03/26/17                      Pastor Deanna Woodward          Lazarus, Come Out
03/19/17                      Pastor David Lieder                     Scapegoat for the World
03/12/17                      Pastor David Lieder                     A Cautious Soul
03/05/17                      Pastor David Lieder                     The Words of Communion – Not Available

02/26/17                      Pastor Martha Hendrichs             Love Wins
02/19/17                      Pastor Martha Hendrichs             Life Comes at You Fast
02/12/17                      Pastor Deanna Woodward          Can You Love Someone?
02/05/17                      Pastor David Lieder                     When God Opens the Door
01/29/17                      Pastor David Lieder                     And Then Some….
01/22/17                      Barb Paul, Lay Speaker               Finding Hope
01/15/17                      Pastor David Lieder                     When Love is the Law
01/08/17                      Pastor David Lieder                     Rugged Conformity
01/01/17                      Pastor David Lieder                     Communion Message – Not Available